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Offering a good mix of unit types, those interested in Ki Residences can choose from 2 to 5 bedroom-sized units. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a single individual looking to stay independently, a young couple with a small family in tow, or if you hope to move in with extended family members. Here, there is an apartment of every type to meet all kinds of living requirements possible and to fit any size of the family nucleus. 

Its 999-year lease indicates that this condominium supports multi-generational living. Site details that have been released thus far have also hinted that all apartments will incorporate an added 10% of balcony space. 

The following are unit mixes are offered:

Type B1 |  2 Bedroom | 700 square feet

Type B2/B3 | 2 Bedroom Plus Study | 743  – 883 square feet

Type C1/C2/C3 | 3 Bedroom | 861 – 1,195 square feet

Type C4/5/6 | 3 Bedroom Plus Utility | 1,109 – 1,410 square feet

Type D1/D2/D3 | 4 Bedroom Plus Utility | 1,249 – 1,711 square feet

Type E1 | 5 Bedroom Plus Utility | 1,819 – 2,077 square feet

Type E2 | -5 Bedroom Plus Study Plus Utility | 1,981 – 2,239 square feet

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Ki Residences Floor Plan 2 Bedroom Type B1



Ki Residences Floor Plan 3 Bedroom Type C1


Ki Residences Floor Plan 3 Bedroom Plus Utility Type C6


Ki Residences Floor Plan 3 Bedroom Plus Utility Type D3



Ki Residences Floor Plan – One of the unique strengths of Ki Residences Developer is their long-standing experience in designing homes for families.  The Ki Residences Floor Plan offers a comprehensive breadth of unit layouts from 2-bedrooms to 5-bedrooms, designed for the needs and comfort of every resident.  The understanding of customer needs is clearly reflected in the way each unit is designed, the priority given to different functions, the distribution of the space for each function and the optimization of the usage of space throughout the house.

One of the unique designs in the Ki Residences Floor Plan is the use of Juliet balconies in the bedrooms.  Besides the balcony that extends from the living area to which residents can relax or enjoy al fresco dining, the Juliet balcony does not take up much floor area and yet it gives the bedroom the airy feel and brings in natural light and offers residents a better view of the surrounding landscape.  The Juliet balcony is a common design feature for European homes and buildings, and at Ki Residences Site Plan, it will feature a full-height sliding door with external aluminum railing to give it a balcony feel.  

In Ki Residences Floor Plan, you will notice that there is no 1-bedroom configuration and the compact layout starts from the 2-bedroom with a 1 bathroom unit.  This configuration will be very appealing with a single resident or even a couple who prefers an extra bedroom without an additional bathroom.  One advantage of the compact 2-bedroom is the C-shaped kitchen which provides a greater appeal over the traditional straight kitchen as the kitchen acts as a divider for the dining room from the kitchen and the main entrance foyer.  

Furthermore, residents who have been looking forward to having a storeroom in a 2-bedrooms residence will be delighted to know that there will be a home shelter that can double up as a storage room in the 2-bedroom units at Ki Residences Unit Mix. For most condominiums and apartments, the storeroom or utility room is usually available in the larger configurations such as the 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom units only. 

For those who are looking for the ideal 2-bedroom residence, based on individual needs, there are 3  layouts in the Ki Residences Floor Plan to choose from.  Besides the compact 2-bedroom, there is an alternative 2-bedroom layout that includes a study area and it is designed to allow residents to convert the study to serve different functions depending on their needs.  

For the first layout, the study area which is located between the 2 bedrooms can be converted into a family area or even a play area for young children.  For the second layout, the study area is located within the master bedroom and has its own dividing walls.  This provides the flexibility for the study room to be converted into a walk-in wardrobe within the master bedroom.  

For families who are searching for the perfect 3-bedroom home, the Ki Residences Floor Plan offers 6 exquisite layouts to choose from and each design comes with its own unique features.  In most developments, the compact 3-bedroom is usually starved for space and the first thing to give is the kitchen.  For most compact 3-bedders, the straight kitchen would be the standard design.  

However, you will be delighted to know that the compact 3-bedroom from the Ki Residences Floor Plan will provide an enclosed kitchen with dividing walls and a window for ventilation.  Despite its compact size, the unit is fully equipped with all the functions including a home shelter that doubles up as a storage facility.  In addition, residents will be delighted to have Juliet balconies in each of the bedrooms which will bring in additional natural light and fresh air into all the rooms.

Within the compact 3-bedroom layout, the Ki Residences Floor Plan offers 3 unique designs to meet different needs.  The key difference is the layout of the entrance foyer and the shape of the kitchen.  If you enjoy privacy, you can choose the layout with the entrance foyer located away from the dining and living area.  Alternatively, if you prefer a larger kitchen space with a yard, there are 2 layouts that offer either a square-shaped or a rectangular-shaped kitchen.  

For the larger families who require more living space, the 3-bedroom units in the Ki Residences Floor Plan also provide the option of a utility room and a washroom in the yard area.  This is beneficial for families who have helpers and the utility room can serve as a bedroom for the helper.  The additional washroom will come in handy for larger families.  

One of the 3-bedroom units has a layout that allows both the kitchen and living room to access the main balcony.  Such a layout is most suitable for residents who wish to enjoy their meals daily at the balcony.  In addition, this design also allows plenty of natural lighting and fresh air to enter the kitchen providing ample ventilation as you cook!  

One of the 3-bedroom layout in the Ki Residences Floor Plan features a wide and spacious balcony that allows both the living and dining area to extend directly into the balcony.  The wide balcony opens up the whole living and dining area giving it an ultra-spacious feel to the entire house.  With advance motorized blinds for balconies, residents can easily extend their living and dining area into the balcony and transform their balconies into functional indoor space.  

In addition to allowing natural light to penetrate through resulting in improved visibility, these blinds also provide weather protection from the sun and the rain.  Furthermore, residents can also enjoy privacy with the blinds and the entire system is to install, use and maintain. 

Last but not least, the Ki Residences Floor Plan also offers both the 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom layout that is very attractive to larger families.  These larger units can enjoy a larger living and dining area and spacious bedrooms for the entire family.  For the 5-bedroom unit, it will include a junior master ensuite and both the dry and wet kitchens. 

Architect: ADDP Architects LLP

Main Contractor: Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd 

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