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Ki Residences PriceKi Residences is an exciting new development that everyone has been waiting for!  One thing to look forward to will be the Ki Residences Price which is expected to be very competitive in the new development market.  Despite the Covid crisis that has greatly impacted the economy, Singapore property prices have been holding up very well.  Unlike the stocks and equity market, residential property prices have held their ground across the different regions in Singapore.  The average prices of new non-landed homes outside the central region have increased by about 7.9% from January to October 2020 supported by the strong demand from HDB upgraders and first-time home buyers.  

It is projected that the Ki Residences Price will have much potential to offer for home buyers.  Firstly, Sunset Way is a landed estate and non-landed development is limited. Besides Ki Residences, there is presently only 1 non-landed development, Clementi Park, that was built in 1986.  As all the landed homes are easily valued above $3M, thus it has created a vacuum in the area where there is an unmet demand for non-landed homes of lower quantum.  Besides plugging a gap in the market, Ki Residences Price will set a new standard for new launches in 2020. 

Secondly, the majority of the new 99-leasehold development in Upper Bukit Timah is already selling at average prices in the range of $1600 to $1700 per square feet.  Thus to be able to buy a 999-year leasehold property in the same price range would be an incredible value!  With the unmatchable proposition of a 999-year leasehold property at a 99-year leasehold price, Ki Residences Price is expected to start another uptrend momentum in the property market.  Coupled with the limited supply of 999-year new developments, Ki Residences Price is expected to draw many buyers as it is just too good to miss! 

Thirdly, despite the pandemic, Q3 2020 data from URA shows that the overall private property price index has increased by 0.8% quarter on quarter.  In addition, private new home sales volume stands at 3,517 units which is a 7% increase from Q3 2019.  This is an outstanding performance given the uncertainty in the market and the prospects of economic recovery. 

Analysts ascribed the property growth experienced is due to pent-up demand after circuit breaker and the low-interest rates for home financing.  Furthermore, given that investments in the stock market suffer much volatility, many have taken the opportunity to invest their funds in a property that has a lower risk profile.  Despite the stellar performance of new home sales, Ki Residences Price remains aligned with the present market sentiments and it is priced sensibly and affordably for its target segment. 

Regardless of the impact of the pandemic on the economy, prices of new developments have been resilient.  Many have anticipated prices to decline and some even forecasted the property market to undergo a major price correction.    However, the local property market has been holding up very well despite many negative reports on job losses and companies going into liquidation.  And thankfully Ki Residences Developers have also been sensitive to the market sentiments and this is clearly reflected in the strategy of Ki Residences Price.

URA has released Q3 2020 data that shows new home sales have increased 105% from Q2 2020 and resale volume has also grown by 272% from Q2 2020.  In addition, prices outside the central region have increased by 7.9% between January to October.  With these good market performances from URA, there is the confidence that there is good market support for the Ki Residences Price and given outside central region is one of the fastest-growing areas, future residents can look forward to healthy growth potential for their property.

In comparison to the recent new 99-year leasehold launches in the Upper Bukit Timah in the range of $1600 to $1700 per square foot, Ki Residences Price becomes very appealing as the development is within Sunset Way landed enclave and also it is a 999-year leasehold development.  It is very attractive to be able to live near nature and greenery, surrounded by top schools and convenient access to well-established amenities in Clementi, Bukit Timah, and even Holland Village. 

In addition, District 21 where Ki Residences is located is in very close proximity to the major transformation in the Upper Bukit Timah area such as the development of the Integrated Transport Hub at Beauty World.  Without a doubt, Ki Residences Location is well-positioned for success!

For the past few years, new homes outside the central region have experienced a healthy growth due to strong demand from HDB upgraders and first-time homeowners.  With many HDB flats reaching their minimum occupation period and the increase in household income, many families are now able to afford to upgrade to their first private property within a shorter time.  Given the budget may be a concern for many first time buyers and upgraders, Ki Residences Price would be an advantage for the development as it is very close to the prices of 99-year leasehold properties.  Truly many will be in for a very good surprise when they visit Ki Residences showflat!

Furthermore, based on the URA Masterplan 2019, Clementi will undergo a major transformation that will rejuvenate the present estate.  Being one of the earliest housing estates in Singapore, URA has major plans to provide more private and public housing, recreation areas, healthcare facilities, garden landscapes, and many more enhancements in the area.  Furthermore, the objective of the Masterplan is also to enable Clementi to be connected to Jurong Lake District where there will be a strong supply of employment opportunities.

Through this strategic plan, Clementi and its vicinity will become a lively place that integrates work, live and play for its residents.  Given the transformation is already in the pipeline, future residents will be excited that the present Ki Residences Price is a very good entry price for a place that will be enhanced and enriched in the years ahead and this will definitely bring about much positive upside for the development.

Visit Ki Residences Floor Plan to see 1 to 5 Bedroom plannings.  

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