Ki Residences Site Plan

Ki Residences Site Plan – The private residential market in Singapore is highly competitive and consumers generally have increasing expectations of new developments every year. It is no wonder that the Ki Residences Developers are constantly seeking new ways to up the game and stand out from the crowd.  There are many ways to be distinctive in the market. 

Ki Residences Site Plan

For instance, it can be unique landscape designs in the development, iconic architectural creations, comprehensive facilities for residents, or even value-added services such as concierge services, child care facilities, in-house maintenance, and repair services and many more.  As illustrated on Ki Residences Site Plan, the development has so much to offer besides the fact that it is a rare 999-year leasehold development and it is located in the exclusive Sunset Way landed estate.

The Ki Residences Site Plan is created on a generous plot of land with a total land size of  31,596.7 square meters.  This large plot of land is located along Brookvale Drive and Brookvale Walk, within the scenic surroundings of Sunset Way landed estate.  At present, Clementi Park is the only private residential development in the estate and the development was built in 1986.  

Ki Residences Drone Site Outline

To design a private residential development, architects and designers have to take into account many factors.  Over the years, we have witnessed both public and private residential developments making leaps and bounds in improving the living environment for its residents.  For Ki Residences Site Plan, the development has gone beyond the basic attributes and focused on other factors such as environmental sustainability and other ways to enhance the living experiences in the development.

Here are some of the considerations in the design of the Ki Residences Site Plan.  First, it is key to decide how to position the 10 residential blocks.  Each block is 12-story high and there are a total of 660 residential units from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom configurations.  As the development is within a landed estate, residents will have unblocked views of the surroundings without having to live on high floors. 

In addition, the units at Ki Residences is designed to have either North or South facing.  Every block will have an unblocked view of the North or to the South.  The North-facing units will overlook the beautiful Bukit Timah landed estate amongst lush greenery while the South-facing units will have a clear view over the picturesque Sunset Way landed homes.  

Leveraging the unique shape of the plot, there will be no overlapping between the 10 blocks as shown on the Ki Residences Site Plan and each block will have a full unblocked view.  In addition, this will also provide greater privacy and exclusivity to the residents as there will be no units facing each other.  

Secondly, the design of the Ki Residences Site Plan has to ensure that the residential units and the common areas can enjoy good ventilation and natural lighting.  As Singapore’s weather is typically hot and humid, it is important that the design of the buildings enables the unhindered flow of fresh air throughout the development and minimize the amount of heat building up in the units and common areas leading to the adverse consequence of greenhouse effect.  

Taking advantage of natural ventilation from the surrounding lush greenery, the design of the Ki Residences Site Plan helps to promote environmentally sustainable living.  Cooler temperatures within the surroundings also mean that residents do not need to rely on air conditioning to cool their living spaces.  Furthermore, with good access to natural lighting due to non-overlapping blocks, residents can enjoy lower electricity expenses and also help in promoting environmental conservation. 

Across the Ki Residences Site Plan, 2 distinctive landmarks stand out in the development.  One of them is the swirling continuous roof design at the grand entrance along Brookvale Walk.  The flow of the swirl pattern guides visitors and cars into the drop-off area and also towards the centerpiece of the entrance comprising of a unique water feature that exudes the grandeur of the development.

The other distinguished landmark in the Ki Residences Site Plan is the clubhouse aptly named The Enzo.  Inspired by the Japanese word “enso’ meaning “circle”, the clubhouse takes on a similar spiral design around one of the magnificent trees that are under conservation.  In addition to the distinguished clubhouse, another architectural icon to watch for would be the cantilevered gym on the upper floor that extends and hangs over the swimming pool.  This eye-catching architect is draped with a full glass façade that allows you to look out to the magnificent outdoor landscape as you exercise!

Many city folks in Singapore aspire to have a home in the midst of nature and greenery.  About 40 years ago, led by Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore underwent a transformation to be a garden city.  In its quest to be a garden city, it became well-known in the world as many were amazed that a nation would invest so much into this noble aspiration. Today, we are thankful Singapore did not give up on this goal. 

The pursuit of greenery and nature is no longer confined to public areas but also in private spaces such as commercial buildings, offices, condominiums and apartments.  The Ki Residences Site Plan showcases innovative designs for natural landscapes and greenery within the development to provide a delightful natural living environment for its residents. 

Besides the delightful garden surroundings, the Ki Residences Site Plan offers a wide spectrum of recreational facilities that accommodate all ages.  There are plenty of options for leisure and relaxation indoors and outdoors.  These include a well-equipped gym with the latest fitness devices, multiple swimming pools with different themes, children play areas, al fresco dining places, relaxation corners, lounge areas near the pool, wellness zones in the midst of garden landscapes and many more leisure and entertainment facilities for the residents.  

In the older private residences, the residential blocks are usually designed to surround the facilities which are located at the center of the development.  The Ki Residences Site Plan reflects a contemporary layout that brings the facilities and greenery landscapes close to each residential block so that residents can feel the relaxing and soothing ambiance permeate into every part of the development.  

However, visit Ki Residences Amenities to see the surrounding facilities around this remarkable rare project. 


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