Ki Residences Unit Mix is configured based on 4 unit types ranging from 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom units and 14 different layouts.  Whether you are a single resident or a multi-generational family, there is a layout that will meet your requirements. 

There are no 1-bedroom units in the Ki Residences Unit Mix as the development is targeting buyers who are looking for their own stay.  The 1-bedroom units are generally sought after by investors who are eyeing for low quantum entry price to generate a high rental yield.  However, for Ki Residences, the development is clearly focused on individuals and families who are buying for their own stay.

As many of the new launches in the surrounding areas like Upper Bukit Timah and Clementi are offering 1-bedroom units, there is quite a lot of 1-bedroom supply in the new launch market.  Thus, it may be a wise move by the developer to focus on a different strategy compared to what is already available in the market. 

Since the implementation of a new rule by URA to cap the number of small units in October 2018, we have seen a shift in the unit mix as developers are building a higher proportion of larger units. Under the new guideline, the maximum number of residential units permissible in a development outside the central area is derived by dividing the proposed building gross floor area (GFA) by 85 square meters.  The current formula divides GFA by 70 square meters.  Consequently, the Ki Residences Unit Mix has moved away from the 1-bedroom units and started with 2-bedroom units with a floor area of 700 square feet.

Another trend that is supporting the supply of 2-bedroom units, especially the compact units is the fact that many younger people are starting to invest in private property.  In recent years, young people are becoming more knowledgeable about investment and wealth generation.  Coupled with higher income levels many are pursuing property investment to start building their wealth.

As a result, the 2-bedroom units make up about 27% of the Ki Residences Unit Mix.  In the past, many young people would shy away from property investment until they are planning to get married.  However, these days many are making the bold move into acquiring their first private property.

With the growing trend of smaller families in Singapore, the developer is offering 3 types of 2-bedroom units in its Ki Residences Unit Mix which are ideal for young couples or small families.  The 2-bedroom configurations include the compact 2-bedroom which has a floor area starting at 700 square feet.  In addition, there are 2 variations of the 2-bedroom with study configuration which offers additional space that can be converted to a family area or a walk-in wardrobe.  One feature that is very appealing is the presence of a home shelter in the 2-bedroom configurations which can be used as a storeroom. 

Being in close proximity to a mature housing estate like Clementi, we can expect many young people who grew up in the neighborhood to want to settle down close to their parents’ homes.  The higher proportion of 2-bedroom units at Ki Residences Unit Mix also caters to young couples who are buying their first private property that is close to good schools, comprehensive amenities, and their parents.

With the choice of many good schools in the vicinity, Ki Residences Location is an ideal home for families.  Surrounded by renowned schools such as Nan Hua High School, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, Singapore Polytechnic, and the National University of Singapore. Ki Residences Amenities offers convenience for both parents and students.

Forming 63% of the Ki Residences Unit Mix is the 3-bedroom configurations which translate to 418 units out of a total of 660 units in the development.  These units are most suitable for families whose parents may stay with them occasionally when they need extra help.  Within the 3-bedroom category, there are 6 different layouts to meet the diverse needs of different families. 

The compact 3-bedroom layout starts at 861 square feet while the largest 3-bedroom Premium layout has a floor area of 1195 square feet.  The developers of Ki Residences have put a lot of consideration into the design of the 3-bedder.  Firstly, all the layouts include an enclosed kitchen and a home shelter that can double up as a storage facility.  Secondly, all the layout provides a good size living room, dining area and bedrooms.  

There are 3 categories of 3-bedder units in the Ki Residences Unit Mix.  The compact 3-bedroom has a floor area of 861 square feet and it provides an enclosed kitchen with a home shelter that can be used for storage.  The next category would be the 3-bedroom deluxe range which starts with a floor area of 936 square feet.  There are 2 layouts in this category and the unique features of the deluxe range are the larger common room and kitchen.  And for the 3-bedroom premium range, the configurations include a utility room that can be used as a helper’s room or a storeroom.  

In addition to the 3-bedroom units, larger households such as multi-generation families can also consider the 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom units in the Ki Residences Unit Mix.   These units provide more space throughout the house so that the entire household can enjoy the comfort of a spacious home.  Firstly, these units will feature larger living and dining rooms for the whole family to enjoy meals and leisure time together.  In addition, the dry and wet kitchens in the unit provide more working space and greater functionality. 

Furthermore, these larger layouts will include the yard area and utility room which can double up as a helper’s room or a storage facility.  The yard area is a great feature as it can be used as a laundry area where you can store the washing machine, dryer and other household items.  Lastly, these larger units also provide a junior master ensuite which is a great convenience for elder parents.

Both the 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom units make up about 9% of the Ki Residences Unit Mix.  Due to the limited supply of such units, we expect these larger layouts to be highly sought after by families.  And in due time, these rare layouts would likely command a higher resale price. Ki Residences Price is expected to be very competitive in the new development market as well.

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